The Italians rock the earth for Liberation Day against the coronavirus

It started as a challenge launched by the General Rose O’Dwyer from the U.S Army and several musicians communities of Italy, like Rockin’1000, the biggest rock band on earth… Then, the Italians decided to rock the earth to show how they intended to resist to the coronavirus.

In a previous post, Radio Gaga World presented the empowering initiative led by the General Rose O’Dwyer from the U.S Army, the Airborne 101st, The Screaming Eagles, from Sainte Mère l’Eglise, now based in Italy, to support the Italians in this situation of health crisis that led to a lockdown of the country.

Italy has decided to react to the coronavirus crisis with the online rock music

In the early evening of the 13th of March 2020, Radio Gaga World had published the music video of the General Rose O’Dwyer and soon after, we saw many italians and even people from all around the world participate.
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The hashtags: #MusicWithoutBorder #NoBorderMusic #Love

Here are some of the videos shared by

General Rose O’Dwyer – “Loving Eyes”

Luca Vignali  – “inno italiano”

Andrea Trabucco – Paganini

Vincenzo De Sanctis – Can’t take my eyes out of you

Angelo Ziky – Sweet Home Alabama

VivaCité – RTBFThe Italians sing on their balconies 


Elena MozzoRockin’1000 – inno italiano

Michael The GlitterKing – Happy week end

Maurizio Malano – Limehouse Blues

Dear Italy – Music Flashmob on the balconies – Agrigento, Sicily

Lorenzo Ceva Valla – The Wall

Some of the Thousands (memory of Rockin’1000 – The Biggest Rock Band on Earth Made in Italy) support the Italians with “Hotel California”

Hisham Dandshe (Alien Nation Raised on the Rocksend to Italy the love of the Scorpions

Augusta Trebeschi (Voice Guru of Rockin1000) e Gianni Morandi – in amore

Rose, The Princess of The Environment – Bed of Roses

Allie Sherlock from Cork in Ireland responded to the call of the Italians

Giovanni Toti, President of the Region Liguria in Italy reported on the courage of the Italians and empowered the population to go on with the singing against the coronavirus

Marco Santini – Blowin’ in the wind

The Let’s Beat – Here comes the sun

Krishna Biswas

Massimo Ferrarini e Laura Ribet – Acqua & Sale

Marco Breglia – Maybe I’m Amazed

Marco Gallorini

Maurizio Malano 

Maurizio Marchini – “La donna è mobile” da Rigoletto

Eugenio Zambelli – Mi manchi tanto

Rockin’1000 per il mondo – Cose Della Vita 2020: Fight The Virus

Marco Spadaccini – inno italiano – autocertificazione delle passeggiate dei cani 🙂

Maurizio Marchini – “Una Furtiva Lagrima”

Alberto Lombardi – Start Again

Luca Calvacante

Bella Ciao (gift from Germany for Italy)

U2 – Bono – Gift for Saint Patrick’s Day for the Italians

Andrea Trabucco – “What are you doing the rest of your life”

Rose, the Princess of the Environment – Let it be

 Francesco De Gregori and Ligabue – Viva L’Italia

Mirko E Valerio Violinisti Little Band

Max Campanozzi – Ave Maria

Andrea Bocelli – un tuffo nel passato

Fabio Marziali – No woman no cry

Esercito Italiano Sky jump on the Italian anthem

Andrea Trabucco – Jimi Hendrix Afro Samba (Vassi)

Andrea TrabuccoGuendalina Bellamia – Natural woman

Davide Pannozzo – The thrill is gone

Lorenzo Marzoli – Senza una donna

Robert Caruso – I don’t want to fall in love with you

Giovanni Toti, President of the Region Liguria in Italy shared the video “We Applaud Italy”

25th of April: Liberation Day in Italy, a particular moment in the coronavirus when the Italians sing for freedom…
Once upon a time, Italy had a dream… being free…
Happy Libertation Day the Italians!

Fabio Marziali and … the Princess – La vie en Rose 🌺😍❤️

Fabrizio Fortunato – Bella Ciao

Vocal Skyline in Venice – Another day of sun

Matteo Bocelli – Love of my life 💙

Andrea Bocelli – Amazing Grace

Massimo Ferrarini – Black Bird

Message from Massimo Ferrarini about Italy and freedom

Jacopo Rosi – Somebody that I used to know

Bryan May and Massimo Ferrarini – You’ve Got To Hide You Love Away

Rose, the Princess of the Environment – Skyfall 💙

Maurizio Malano 

Piero Lupo de Lupis – It’s only rock’n’rool

The Let’s Beat – Penny Lane

Jacopo Crosi

Maurizio Malano and Arianna Cibonfa 

An Italian family sings Hallelujah

Fabio Marziali – We found love

Jacopo Croci

The Beatbox – Hey Bulldog

Massimo Ferrarini and Kfir Ochaion – Bohemian Rhapsody

Michele Samory – Senza di te

Maurizio Malano and The Bright Size Trio – Uniquity Road

Rose, the Princess of the Environment – My Moonlight Serenade 💙

Fabio Marziali – That’s amore 💙

Roberto Cacciapaglia 

Camilla di Borbone‘s daughters

Mirko Manari and friends – Shake the Disease

Rockin’1000 – Big Fire

Rolando Giambelli – Help

Maria Messina and friends –  Because

Piero Lupo de Lupis – Jumping jack flash

Rose, The Princess of The Environment – Opening of the #TogetherAtHome Concert – Global Citizen and the World Health Organization

Ceremony of Awards – Radio Gaga World – the 2nd place goes to Italy

The U.S. Naval Forces Europe Band honors Italy for Liberation Day (75th anniversary)

The U.S Army, the 101st Airborne based in Liguria
General Rose O’Dwyer, Screaming Eagles
– To Love Somebody


The Americans of Naples honor Italy
USO Naples – True Colors

Rose, The Princess of The Environment – Earth Day – The Show Must Go On… 

The Children of Ventimiglia – Over the rainbow #TuttoAndràBene

The people of Ventimiglia – Io resto a casa

Rockin’1000 – Una musica puo fare

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