Rendez-vous with Destiny – DDAY77’s Concert in Normandy in Sainte Mère L’Eglise: Rose the Princess of the Environment and the U.S Army bands

Rose the Princess of the Environment and the U.S Army Bands honor the soldiers of WW2 on the Normandy Beaches 

During the coronavirus crisis in 2020, Radio Gaga World had launched a challenge to the musicians of the world: playing music from home to send love to people. Several countries had participated, among those France (with Rose the Princess of the Environment, from the rockin’1000 band) and America (well represented by the U.S Army).

To follow in this line, Radio Gaga World promoted a new collaboration between France and America on the occasion of the commemorations of DDAY77 on the 5th and 6th of June 2021.

Considering that there were still some restrictions due to the covid19’s crisis in France, it was decided that DDAY77’s concert will be online and released during the events of DDAY in Sainte Mère L’Eglise and Normandy.

The musicians and singers of DDAY77’s concert

  • Rose the Princess of the Environment (music composer pianist and singer)
  • The United States Army Field Band
  • The Six-Strings Soldiers
  • The 101st Airborne Division Band

DDAY77’s concert on the Normandy Beaches

This concert was a tribute to the WW2’s  American Soldiers of who fought on the Normandy Beaches, and especially the Airborne Division.
It was also a gift to all the army and music lovers who celebrate each year DDAY in Sainte Mère L’Eglise.

The poster below announced the spirit of this DDAY77’s concert: “Airborne all the way”.

  • the French woman:
  • the U.S Army soldier from West Virginia:
    • the proud Airborne and infantry man who answered the call of duty with a deployement during the year 2020 and 2021.

DDAY 1944 and the Screaming Eagles is one of the line of their commitments to the love between France and America and the sharing of the same values between the French and the Americans: freedom, equality, brotherhood and… the Airborne.

A Set list of 17 songs for DDAY77’s concert

The goal of this concert was a tribute to the Normandy people and U.S Army Soldiers in the same spirit of the Liberation of the land by the Americans back in 1944.
All the songs were related to France or America.

Two of them were sung in French:

  • Made in Normandy performed by Rose the Princess of the Environment.
  • A vous dirais-je maman performed by the United States Army Field Band.

The rest of the songs were in English.

  • Some of them were traditional songs of America.
  • Some other songs were international songs that everybody knows.
  • Finally, some songs were composed by Rose the Princess of the Environment to honor America.

Focus on the song “Miss Liberty” for DDAY77

“Miss Liberty” was composed by Virginie Lelarge and orchestrated with U.S musicians as a tribute to the love between France and America and the beliefs shared by both countries: the rights and freedom.
“Miss Liberty”, Rose the Princess of the Environment, is a French woman with a life in pink and green for the earth.
To meet freedom, she only drank cappuccinos in Monaco and on Broadway…

Origins of Miss Liberty and the team of musicians

DDAY77’s video of the concert: Rendez-vous with Destiny

DDAY77: organizations concerned

Rendez-vous with Destiny for DDAY78

When the Normandy sunset is in the sky, it’s never the end of the day, especially when we admire the horizon of freedom from the beach of Arromanches.
It’s just the sign of a tomorrow that will lead us all to DDAY78 on the Normandy Beaches for another great adventure with Rose the Princess of the Environment, the U.S Army, the French and the Americans of Normandy, the army and music lovers, and all the great family of DDAY, the old and the young, so the legend can be kept alive.
The best is yet to come with Rose the Princess of the Environment and the U.S Army.
They are the Airborne all the way!

More information about DDAY’s concert:

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