Italy has decided to react to the coronavirus crisis with the online rock music

For a couple of days, the information has been spreading on social media. All the musicians of Italy are asked to play music at 6 pm on fridays.
Radio Gaga World participated in the event, that was also supported by the Rockin’1000 community, the biggest rock band on earth and the U.S Army based in Italy.
For us, on Radio Gaga World, we had the pleasure to have the General Rose O’Dwyer from the U.S Army, the Airborne 101st, The Screaming Eagles, from Sainte Mère l’Eglise who decided to support the Italian Musicians and sing the song of Rose, the Princess of the Environment, “Loving Eyes”, to spread love all over Italy and the world.

The full version of “Loving Eyes” in romantic rock is available here for listening and download.

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