H.S.H Prince Albert II of Monaco supports the United People who Rock the Earth – #StrongTogether

Since the very beginning of the covid19’s crisis, the Monaco musicians have joined the initiative “The United People Rock the Earth” launched by Radio Gaga World during the month of March 2020. The Monaco story started with Rose, the Princess of the Environment who played her beautiful song for the Princely Family and Monaco: “My Love for the Monaco Rose”, a tribute to Princess Grace of Monaco and her wonderful rose garden by the Rock.

Rose, the Princess of the Environment has been working for years with H.S.H Prince Albert II of Monaco and His Foundation on environmental preservation and sustainable development, and their focus is also music, as part of the UNSDG18 – Music for Future led by the IMEDD, which is a tool to empower to a better future, through the positive power that music has on people.

In other words, the Monaco commitments for music is part of the country’s UN Sustainable Development Goals to become the first Smart Nation on Earth. Yes, Monaco Rocks the Earth, on the initiative of the Princess of the Environment… but not only…

Sami, the Monaco Girl, came straight away in support each night during the lockdown with her lovely songs for the earth, like “I will always love you”, or “la vie en rose”. Martine Ackermann, brought support to music and sang each night the Monaco Anthem as well as nearly all the anthems of the earth (as the lockdown lasted). In a rock style, Eric Le Rouge Battaglia shared super music to make the people dance, the best music of all, the Guns’n’Roses and their amazing “Knockin’on Heaven’s Door”. Monaco Rando even played the piano and the harmonica for the great delight of all.

All those musicians are the pionners of the Monaco Music Team for the Earth.
Indeed, when all the Monaco big radios, events centers and orchestras saw the initiative “Monaco Rocks the Earth”, they decided to join. That’s when the music fireworks started in the second smallest land on earth. Believe Radio Gaga World, the people of the second smallest land on earth are able to make a big noise on their roofs. Their electric guitars were so loud that we could hear them from Ventimiglia (which is as far as Italy!).

Zhang Zhang from the Monaco Philharmonic Orchestra opened the Monaco Classic Music Show with her violin, with a unique version of Star Wars. When Radio Monaco heard the Monaco Orchestra’s violin, the team decided to mobilize their best D.J, Gil Martin, to share the Monaco Groovy SoundsThen, Liza from the Monaco Philarmonic Orchestra took her violin and showed the Prince and the D.J how she intended to rock the people with Bach. When Rose, the Princess of the Environment saw the Monaco empowerment for music, she then sang: “Let it Be” to encourage them all to go on.

This is when the music took the power on the Monaco People… “Let it Be”, maybe those words were the path to follow to get out of this crisis.
Indeed, that’s what Kazuki Yamada, the Music and Artistic Director of the Monaco Philharmonic Orchestra thought when he published an interview to empower the Monaco Orchestra, the Monaco Musicians and all the musicians all around the world to play and share more and more music.
Since then, we see, many talented artists from the Monaco Philharmonic Orchestra play beautiful pieces of classics, some very fine music, maybe the best melodies of the earth to heal and bring joy. All these fantastic musicians can be discovered on this page: Monaco Rocks the Earth.

On the 18th April 2020, the Monaco Smart Nation Commitment for Music took an international dimension.
Rose, the Princess of the Environment, the French/Italian from Monaco (who is a member of Rockin’1000, the biggest rock band on earth) was invited by the fantastic “Lady Gaga” to do media and sing as part of the biggest world online concert #TogetherAtHome organized by #GlobalCitizen as a “Thank you” concert for the workforce committed to the crisis and the World Health Organization.

For the occasion, the Princely Palace, the Grimaldi Forum Monaco and the Monaco Oceanographic Museum helped Rose, the Princess of the Environment, to design a media and music event for the Global Citizen Concert and carry at international the “Love for the Monaco Rose” and the passion of the Monaco People for music and environment.
During this media event, the Principality of Monaco was awarded for the commitments of its people for music, as part of a Smart Nation.

To thank all the Monaco and the World musicians to be part of the initiative “the United People Rock the Earth”the Monaco Philharmonic Orchestra prepared a surprise, on the request of H.S.H Prince Albert II of Monaco: “Someday we’ll all be free”: #StrongTogether

All the Monaco and the world musicians are very proud and thankful to be supported by H.S.H Prince Albert II of Monaco whose message is very clear: “We stay strong together”… Diana and her baby from the Monaco Philharmonic Orchestra are probably the best to show us how to stay strong…

“We stay strong together with music and art”.
That’s the UNSDG18 for Monaco and the world!
🌹🌎 May it be so on the earth 🌹🌎

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