Gaga School online platform

Educative tools to ensure the continuity of education

Below, you will find the educative resources listed by countries and organizations (in alphabetical order).
The parents and the children from all the countries can use those educative tools. They can also choose to follow the content of other countries. This list will regularly be updated with new educative tools released.

French Government
“Ma classe à la maison” (my class at home)
Facebook page:

General education (available for anyone anywhere)

History – Health

Monaco’s Government
Edulab (online home school)

Computer and technologies

General education

General education (available for anyone anywhere)

Online school for children (advised by Ivanka and Melania Trump)

General education and sport

U.S Army (USO Naples)

Public Health

Central Disease Center

Useful websites or activities for anyone, anywhere

Online Jobs
Art and culture
Tales and stories (Rose, the Princess of the Environment)